Building Precision Engineered Volumetric Homes in a Sustainable, Innovative Way
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Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Totally Modular. It is now at the heart of all our processes from how our modular homes are designed, constructed through to the living experience that the residents benefit from. Our sustainable modular homes incorporate environmentally friendly practises in a factory setting such as improving inventory control, waste management practices, using recyclable materials and reducing waste attributable to loss or damage of raw material.

We have a range of technology partners that offer an array of energy efficient innovations, which are much easier to implement in a factory setting than a building site. These solutions also significantly align to the government’s ambitions for greener and more energy efficient houses.

Residential Solutions
Bespoke Design Available
Totally Modular have designed 8 2018 standard house types that cover the most popular houses sizes within the market today.
Airspace Solutions
Find the best solutions for all your needs
We can offer singular or multiple modules on top of existing buildings to optimise your airspace from small apartments up to luxurious, spacious penthouses.
Temporary Accommodation Solutions
Get the best solutions for any of your ideas
Totally Modular’s Micro Living solution is designed to provide high quality housing on a temporary basis with very little notice. The secure accommodation, meeting all building regulations can be used to provide temporary housing for the homeless, emergency accommodation in the event of natural disasters such as flooding, or on-site living for large construction of civil engineering projects.
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Energy Efficiency Options

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Modular housing has the potential to be significantly more productive than traditional building methods, as it greatly increases the pace of delivery.

Modular housing brings volumetric manufacturing and technology-enabled processes to construction, enabling homes to be built more quickly, addressing labour and skills shortages and improving the quality, consistency and energy efficiency of new builds.

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