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Helping Solve The UK Housing Shortage

The limited supply of housing is taking a toll on millions of Britain’s inhabitants. To address this housing crisis, 300,000 new houses need to be built every year to reach the governments target.

We believe that everyone deserves a quality house to live in. Modular building is the way to do that and address the UK’s housing shortage. By rethinking the way we build houses, we can provide comfortable, high-quality, affordable and sustainable homes anywhere in the country in a short amount of time. By offering extensive education and training we aim to solve the skill shortage in the construction sector.

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Addressing The Skills Shortage

Totally Modular aim to create a new generation of housebuilders. We have partnerships with a range of organisations to facilitate the scope to offer jobs to a range of individuals, from unskilled to skilled, veterans or apprentices, school leavers or mature individuals who are interested in participating in the innovative, future proof, modular construction industry.

The Totally Modular Academy

We have partnered with local colleges to create a new bespoke apprenticeship scheme which will lead to participants achieving a formal qualification (NVQ/B-Tec) in Volumetric Off-site Modular (VOSM) as a craftsperson or technician.

This apprenticeship will allow successful learners to progress into several career paths from Quality Managers to Production Engineers by gaining hands on industry specific practical training in all areas of our volumetric offsite manufacturing process.

Find out more about our Dudley College Partnership

Hub & Spoke Production Model

We have developed a distributed cellular production line model whereby our current centralised ‘hub’ manufacturing facility can be replicated in areas of highest demand for new homes, with minimal factory set up and operational costs. This model can be implemented with minimal disruption through applying our methodology of digital twinning, which benefits from discrete event simulation achieving a ‘right first time’ optimised facility.

These ‘spoke’ factories are highly flexible and deliver the concept of local homes for local people, employing local labour and benefitting the local economy.

We believe in the concept of Local Homes, for Local People, employing Local Labour and benefiting the Local Economy.