Building Precision Engineered Volumetric Homes in a Sustainable, Innovative Way
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Airspace Solutions

At Totally Modular we can offer singular or multiple modules on top of existing buildings to optimise your airspace from small apartments up to luxurious, spacious penthouses.

Full Turnkey Solutions
From Design to Delivery
Totally Modular can offer a full turnkey solution for airspace developments, whereby our professional team of designers can provide you with viable options that align with your requirements and we manage the process from design to delivery – with both internal and external finishes completed.
Structural Frame Only
Structural Steel Modular Frame Only
We can offer singular or multiple modules stripped back to its basic form, whereby you the client to then finish and fit out as they wish. In essence we can provide the client with a modular box to transform.
Bespoke Solutions
A tailored solution to meet your requirements
This option is somewhere in the middle. As at Totally Modular we can provide modules that are up to 95% complete when leaving the factory, for example kitchen and bathrooms fully fitted. This option, is you tell us how much or little you require for your chosen project and we can accommodate your needs.
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Using Totally Modular’s innovative Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) methodology we are leading a step-change in the increased productivity of the construction process, tangible quality improvements and the associated reduction in true costs.

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Using BIM within our modular technologies means that homes can be modelled with increased accuracy, giving the confidence that the project will progress quickly, as most potential issues are identified and resolved within the 3D design environment.

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Office Space

Totally Modular’s design team have expertise in Scheme Design. We can produce an initial drawing of the number and size of houses we can fit onto a plot. Right through to designing the layout look and feel of a project. Why not call us with your requirements and see what we can plot out for you.

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Modular housing has the potential to be significantly more productive than traditional building methods, as it greatly increases the pace of delivery.

Modular housing brings volumetric manufacturing and technology-enabled processes to construction, enabling homes to be built more quickly, addressing labour and skills shortages and improving the quality, consistency and energy efficiency of new builds.

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